IoT services
on AWS

Concert Orchestrator "Starter Edition" presents a visual "drag & drop" means of rapidly generating complex enterprise grade IoT applications that incorporate AWS’s IoT, Messaging and Database services combined with logic flow and enterprise integration patterns.

This capability makes it possible for innovation to come from anywhere within the organization, including operational stakeholders (e.g. industrial engineers, process technicians) beyond IT who may not be software developers but are familiar with web services APIs and JSON.

Orchestrator Edition Comparison Chart

Capability Starter Edition Premium Edition
Visual "drag & drop" creation of IoT service flows in Java Spring Boot
Components for choices, web services and JSON message payload processing
AWS Kinesis components for consumption & publication of IoT messages
AWS SES component for email and support for SMS
AWS Data Persistence Services: S3 - Coming Soon
Enterprise Integration Patterns
Export Created Service Flow as JAR file*
SDK to create your own orchestratable components (e.g. from legacy Java code)*
* Service must run on same machine as Orchestrator for Starter Edition Download Now Register Interest

Concert Orchestrator Support Team

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Users create flows by selecting and connecting CAMEL based components from the Concert IoT Orchestrator’s palette. Out of the box components available in the “Starter Edition” are categorized as:

  • IoT Device input Sources (AWS Kinesis)
  • Flow Control Logic
  • HTTP Services (e.g. HTTP In, Out)
  • Transformation of Payload & JSON handling
  • Messaging Channels (e.g. email, SMS)
  • Data Persistence (e.g. S3)
  • Enterprise and Proprietary
  • System Integrations

Once a service route is created by Orchestrator “Starter Edition”, it generates a Java Spring Boot application that once saved and launched runs in an AWS container on the same instance as the Orchestrator AMI.

Orchestrator provides version control and a number of debug capabilities, including recording and tracing the flow of messages through a route, that make it simple for developers and non-coders alike to generate quality applications.

Concert IoT Orchestrator “Starter Edition” is available as an AMI on the AWS Marketplace.

"Premium Edition" Capabilities

In addition to the above “Starter Edition” features, the Premium Edition of Orchestrator, when launched, will allow the user to export the generated Java Spring Boot code to run on any AWS instance.

It will also supply an SDK through which users can convert existing Java code into CAMEL components that can be added to the palette.

It will also provide an expanded palette with Enterprise System (e.g. market leading CRM, ERP package) integrations.